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23 Air Prevention and control of Pollution Act 1981
Environmental Protection Act 1986.
MMDR Act 1957
Water Act 1974


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DMF Trust Rule 2016
Geologist Service Rule
Jharkhand Mineral Transit Chalan Regulations 2005
Jharkhand Mineral Dealers Rule 2007 ENGLISH
Jharkhand Mineral Dealers Rule 2007 HINDI
JMMC Rule Ammendment 2013
JMMC Rules Amendment 2013 HINDI
MCR 1960 Amendment 18.07.2014
MCR 1960 Amendment 27.07.2012
Mineral Auction Rule
Minerals vidence of Mineral Contents Rules 2015
The Jharkhand Minerals Prevention of Illegal Mining Transportation and Storage Rules 2017


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Coal Distribution Policy 2007
Dissemination Policy
Jharkhand Industry Policy 2012 English Hindi
Jharkhand Procurement Policy 2013
National Environmental Policy 2006
National Steel Policy 2005
RR Policy 2008